share your meal! ( makes it possible to share your cooking with people in your neighbourhood. Whether you create culinary delights, or mac and cheese … here you can share.

Around 11.000 cooks are active on the platform now. The knife cuts both ways:

  • The people who are taking the meals, are saying that they eat healthier since they use this website (70% of the users). They are very happy with the fresh prepared food, but also with the social aspect. Especially for example for older people, they meet the cooks. Sometimes you see that these relationships grow into friendships and they are cooking together now.
  • Also for the cooks it gives a lot of satisfaction. Often you throw away everything that you have too much, but now you can give it to someone who really appreciates it.

The platform is now active in the Netherlands, USA, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. Do you want to know more about this platform? Visit for the Dutch version or for the English version. You can also check out their Facebook page for some inspirational stories (in Dutch).