Successful Multiplier event Leeuwarden

On the 5th of July Inqubator Leeuwarden has successfully organised a multiplier event in the Kanselarij. The Kanselarij is a multi-tenant building where education, businesses and government meet. JOF (foundation Young and Entrepreneurial Friesland) has supported us in promoting the event. Most of the participants had a migrant-related background, which is a group which is not targeted directly by most support organisations for starting a new company. However, everyone who was interested, could join. The most important “selection criterium” was interest in becoming self-employed.

During the event the participants were guided through the Three Questions of T3QM in two ways: By the experience of Tarek Hashemi (successful restaurant owner, migrant background) and by answering the questions for their own (potential) company. After the preparation of the three questions, the participants were asked to prepare a pitch. The pitch was evaluated by a jury and the prize was free coaching of Inqubator. The winning pitch was from a family which would like to organize weddings mid-east style in the Netherlands. In the meantime, they already visited the Inqubator and follow-up steps have been taken towards the start of their company.

All in all, we can look back on a very successful multiplier event. We’re looking forward to the next one!