Hours for learning: 4

Aim:To demonstrate the importance of the problem which they are solving and help the entrepreneurs define what their customer wants.

Learning Objectives:
- To improve the learners’ understanding of the importance of their customer’s problem.
- To give learners the tools to help them to build the solution which their customer want.


The introduction of this chapter will focus on the first of the of the T3QM questions. Why is it important to pay attention on the product/service and how can that attention contribute to the success of a social business?

Example & brainstorm questions

Some videos and accompanying questions for the learners are provided to reflect on the product and branding. This might change the view on their own potential product ideas.

Subquestions for learner

The subquestions for the learner, presented in this paragraph, will help them to define their value proposition, key activities, key resources, key partners and social impact. These questions are not the limit, as Annex 1 provides even more relevant questions which will help your students in their business planning process.

ANNEX 1: More Subquestions for “What are you selling?”
About value proposition area

Activating examples

A couple of case studies (Red Bull and GoPro) is presented for the students to think about the product side of successful companies. Thus, the students can apply their knowledge obtained in this chapter, on specific examples.


Identifying USP

Learners need to answer questions about some (very well known) companies and their Unique Selling Points. This should make them think about the Unique Selling Point of their own potential social enterprise.

Value proposition templates

Here are some value proposition templates presented for your learners to start crafting their own. This will not be an actual output of the value proposition but will serve as a great starting point.


Interested in more examples of questions about companies and their Unique Selling Points? You can find them here and make a great use of it in your class.