This course is designed to be delivered by adult educators in local organisations to develop entrepreneurship learning and sustainable businesses in their communities. Educators can easily adapt the set of training materials and resources to design and deliver training sessions using high-quality content which has been developed, tested and reviewed in the UK, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy and Malta.
We provide all the necessary resources and materials to successfully deliver the course in a number of settings and formats (see course delivery for more). As such, previous experience of delivering training in the field of entrepreneurship is not necessary but favoured. Some industry knowledge would be useful, to be able to sign posting to other local, regional and national supports which may be of interest to the adult learners.

General instructions

Please read the entire guide thoroughly for all the tips, tricks and guidance on delivering the course.

Course delivery options

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– Small group discussions
– Q&A sessions
– Multimedia
– Interactive tools

– Make a joint start
– Learners start working independently with the instruction
– Independent content processing
– Back together in class

– Peer review
– Google Docs